How long is the course and what format?

The course is 2 hours long, but divided into short practical videos that are easy to watch during your limited free time, plus accompanying PDFs to reference when you need them.

How long do I have access to the course for?

Forever! You can access the course again and again as needed. You may not, however, share the course with other households--this may result in losing access.

What ages is this for?

The course is designed for parents of children birth to three years old.

Can I take the course if my child is already meeting milestones?

YES! The course is not just for children who are behind. The course will benefit proactive parents too. I used the strategies with both of my children who met and exceeded speech and language milestones for their age.

How many words should my child be saying?

12 months = 1 - 5 words 18 months = 10 - 50 words 24 months = 50 - 300 words 36 months = 250 - 1000 words

What if we don't speak English at home?

The strategies I teach in my course are not language-specific. What you learn can be applied in any language you speak at home.

Is there closed captioning available?

Yes! In English and Spanish.